Thanks Jimmy, I see your point and respect it, thanks for making it! I believe that we share the view that there is a gap/chasm between the scientist and the business person.

However I fundamentally do not endorse the cherry-picking of those 'scientists' who say "I did my data magic, now if you do not use it, it is your problem" because they fail to see and acknowledge that gap. An excellent mindset always proactively addresses the gaps that may hinder the adoption of their work!

For example, when I interview junior data scientist candidates, one of the big red-flag warning signs is that they start with the list of things they do NOT want to do. As if all there was to data science was getting some well prepared data, throwing some algorithms learnt somewhere at it, and expecting plain sailing.

I take the view that this is a professional failure of the data scientist, in a mindset that I have been guilty of myself in the past - I know where the 'data arrogance' disease comes from because I was sick with it myself, too, before opening up my own eyes...

Hope my 2 additional cents help, and again, thank you for your answer!

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