It’s a shame if this is true and data science really is losing its charm because data science is one of the fastest growing fields. LinkedIn names “data scientist” as one of its top emerging jobs for 2020 ( You are right that being a data scientist isn’t easy, but that should not be a reason to write it off.

As the CEO of a company that hires almost exclusively data scientists (and as a data scientist myself), I have seen firsthand the need for more skilled data scientists. It may seem like companies only hire people with 2-3 years experience, but internships, self-motivated projects, and research during your degree all can count towards any minimum. Many companies (like us at Evo!) hire recent grads, too. We are happy to train you when you start if you have the basic skillset and are willing to put in the work.

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The learnings and benefits of the ‘science of billions’: what if you could access more data than Amazon? Free Evo University project:

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