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  • Paolo Massafra

    Paolo Massafra

    Business efficiency consultant innovating companies through AI. I leverage Evo prescriptive business analytics to transform bottom-line KPIs fast.

  • Dr. Monica

    Dr. Monica

    Research aspirant in Machine learning and Data Science. Aspirant to blog about life and it’s experience

  • Tian Jie

    Tian Jie

    data science practitioner. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tianjie1112/

  • Andrei Neboian, Dr

    Andrei Neboian, Dr

    Writer | Ph.D. in Management Science | Built & Sold a Tech Startup | Engineer by Training — Character Creator at Heart ☕ LinkedIn l.linklyhq.com/l/NFlJ

  • Mubarak Ganiyu

    Mubarak Ganiyu

    Writing articles centered around Data Science. Github profile: https://github.com/MUbarak123-56

  • Owais Ali

    Owais Ali

    A Software Engineer, writer and a learner. View my profile at https://ows-ali.github.io

  • Sally Eaves

    Sally Eaves

    CTO and Global Strategy Advisor #blockchain #AI #innovation Professor @ForbesTech @OxfordSBS #fintech #writer #speaker #STEM #STEAM #techforgood

  • Sandeep Raut

    Sandeep Raut

    Top 10 #DigitalTransformation influencer, Founder & CEO at Going Digital, #DigitalStrategy #ChiefDigitalOfficer #MachineLearning #AI #BigData #IoT #Mobility

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