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  • Stefano Gatti

    Stefano Gatti

    A data & innovation lover, passionate of how technology is changing the world under different points of view. Opinions are my own

  • John Orji

    John Orji

    Fanatic amateur writer || Dreamer || Ayodeji Awosika jr. 🙂 || Football Lover

  • Sh*t Happens - Lost Girl Travel

    Sh*t Happens - Lost Girl Travel

    Hi! I’m Georgie and I share travel stories of when sh*t happens. I think that sometimes the worst things that happen to you traveling, are often the funniest

  • Chrissie Powers

    Chrissie Powers

    Eternal student in empathy. Interested in everything. Still trying to find my place in this world. Passionate for social justice. Fan of Umair Haque.

  • Josh Herring

    Josh Herring

    An emerging writer | Top Writer in Music | Owner of Modern Music Analysis publication: https://medium.com/modern-music-analysis

  • Breadnbeyond


    Helping startups and business grow faster with explainer videos at https://breadnbeyond.com

  • Giuseppe Tamburrini

    Giuseppe Tamburrini

  • Alessandro


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